Recycle / Compost Newspapers Together

So you've moved in, excitedly read the first paper to find a job, been swept up in the Welcome Wagon and learnt to burn grilled cheese sandwiches. Your week settles down into a work pattern and then you suddenly need a point of logic for the next promotion - but where's the newspaper? Come to think of it, you haven't seen the newspaper girl since the second day!

Some house designs are just not newspaper delivery friendly. The newspaper girl will deliver the newspaper to the front porch, but if it's not removed, the next day she'll deliver to the back door and after that just dump them at the portal (edge of lot).

So you go newspaper hunting, and discover an old one on the porch, "Clean Up", an old one at the back door, "Clean Up", eventually you find today's (along with several old ones) at the portal, "Clean Up", "Clean Up", "Clean Up", finally "Do Crossword".

I'm guessing there will be several "crosswords" as the Sim traipses to and fro between the newspapers and the rubbish bin, before finally heading for a chair to do the crossword, several Sim hours later!

This mod changes the "Clean Up" action for a newspaper, making the Sim pick it up and place it in a bin bag before heading to every other newspaper on the lot (in proximity order) and adding those to the bag, finally making a single trip to the compost/rubbish bin.

So the above sequence becomes, ignore all the old newspapers, find today's, click "Do Crossword" and click "Clean Up". After completing the crowwsord, the Sim will put the paper on a surface, then pick it up and place it in a rubbish bag, they will then head upstairs to the spare room to get the old one on the bedside table and add that to the bag, then to the front porch for the one there, then to the shurbs for the one lurking there, then to the back porch, then to the portal to add all three old ones there, and then finally to the rubbish bin to dispose of them all in one go. Phew!

As a side benefit, any maid's bill will also be cheaper as you won't be paying her to walk to and from the rubbish bin all day.


The new BCON 0x1010 "Tuning - Dispose" can be used to restrict the search for newspapers to the current room only (entry 0x00) and to limit how far a Sim will look when outside (entry 0x01).

Additionally, it can be used to exclude today's newspaper (entry 0x02) - by default the Sim will collect all newspapers in a single action.


This global mod changes the BHAVs 0x1015 "Function - Clean" and 0x104E "Interaction - Compost" in the Newspaper (0x7F08E23C) object and also adds eight BHAVs in the range 0x10A0 to 0x10A7 and the BCON 0x1010 to the same object, so will conflict with any mod that does the same.

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