DLL - Various Mod Components - 34 Civs

DLL - Various Mod Components - 34 Civs

Various DLL mod components ( - 34 Civs

Compatibility: BNW required, Hot Seat, Affects Saved Games

Special thanks: Translation: German - Serps; Chinese - CCWB; Japanese - Sub6; Russian - Tomahawk.nsk

IMPORTANT - Only one mod with a replacement DLL may be active at a time.

This is my "DLL - Various Mod Components" compiled with support for 34, 43 and 62 major civs (you'll need to manually copy the 43/62 civ DLL over the 34 civ DLL)

The mods features are otherwise the same as the same version of my (22 civ) custom DLL.

This mod includes modded LeagueOverview.lua/xml files to support more than 22 members of the World Congress / United Nations.

This mod also includes the two support files AdvancedSetup.lua and AssignStartingPlots.lua required to support more than 22 civs on map scripts.

The following map scripts are incompatible with this mod
- Great_Plains.lua (redefines AssignLuxuryRoles() method)
- Great_Plains_XP.lua (redefines AssignLuxuryRoles() method)
- Amazon.lua (redefines AssignLuxuryRoles() method)
- Amazon_XP.lua (redefines AssignLuxuryRoles() method)
- Frontier.lua (checks for 22 civs)
- Hemispheres.lua (checks for 22 civs)
- Skirmish.lua (checks for 22 civs)
- West_vs_East.lua (checks for 22 civs)

As is the following tutorial
- Tutorial_5_Diplomacy.lua (assumes first minor is in slot 22)


v 8723-Jun-2016 12:19:46
v 8001-Apr-2016 08:15:33
v 6619-Dec-2014 08:43:22
v 6530-Oct-2014 18:11:21
v 6315-Sep-2014 09:09:27
v 5220-Jun-2014 09:34:12
v 4525-Mar-2014 22:16:18
v 4128-Jan-2014 13:18:36
v 4028-Jan-2014 00:01:27
v 3926-Jan-2014 14:00:09
v 3101-Nov-2013 11:36:34